100% Salt [Mob Psycho 100]

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    I LIVE! this series is all i have been talking about for the past two months so i wanted to make a vid that represents all the different sort of moods in the show. like, it's not just a pure action or silly or drama anime and if you go into it expecting any of those alone you'll be disappointed (even though the drama centric amvs tend to be my faves ;D). i accidentally did too much lyric sync so all the verses had to be that >> it's just a fun vid tho and i'm glad it made finals at awa pro, even if it was for a category i specifically tried to avoid xD

    DL here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7be5bOWrVxdcVNYZWZ4c3dFS0E/view?usp=sharing
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  2. CrackTheSky

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    This was so so good. Where have you been. Why do I have only four videos from you this year what is the matter
  3. PieandBeer

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    I HAVE SO MANY HALF DONE VIDS life is hard
  4. Mob Psycho was one of those anime I tried to get into, cuz everyone was really into it seemed. I just couldn't get into it. In fact I never tried to get into One Punch Man either just cuz I knew it was by the same team. This amv though made me want to try the series again. I really loved it, the song seemed to fit the source well everything flowed great. You could tell that you really loved the source as you were able to pull probably the best moments from the series and really highlight them and bring them to life. I really enjoyed the video good job... I may have enjoyed it enough to give the series a second chance.
  5. seasons

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    One of my top 5 Pro videos from this year, you really made it work!
  6. PieandBeer

    PieandBeer the most important meal of the day

    @Mclaughlin Thank you! Definitely watch it, there are so many animation sequences that are pure art and the music is A+ on top of interesting characters. The animation style is right up my alley but i totes understand if others hate it xD one of my fave series

    @seasons thank you :D :D

    PS I've added a DL link in the original post +_+

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