2020 AnimeStock First Launch Promo

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What's your opinion about animestock

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  1. CodeBreaker

    CodeBreaker CodeBreaker

    Anime interface is the next generation otakus only social network & community!
    There are 50 million+ anime fans on this planet who all share something fundamental: Connecting with each other makes us happy. And no matter who or where you are, anticipating a new connection is exciting and brings you just a little more alive. AnimeInterface understands this innate human truth and is passionate about using innovation to bring otakus together in new and better ways. Always pushing forward with new apps, engagement-driving features, and the smartest science, AnimeInterface will continue to drive exciting new ways to satisfy all otakus universal need for connection.

    It has been designed to look and feel like facebook (with little to no limitations) but at the same time, be compatible with cultured and loyal fans of the anime and gaming industry.

    The goal is to create a unique ecosystem and for people who are into the wonderful niche of anime and gaming and who do NOT want their news feed clogged with selfies, religious and political memes, propaganda, spam advertisements, sh*t posts, pity party status updates, etc?
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