Abunai! 2019 AMV Competition - Deadline 14th of July 2019!

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    For the very first time we are holding an international AMV competition and we’re looking for entries!

    Abunai! 2019: High Tech, Low Life is the seventeenth edition of the Netherlands’ cheekiest convention and is sure to be the wildest edition yet. Mixing our cozy convention with crazy Cyberpunk-themed live action role-playing, our LARP-infused convention will be held at NH Hotel Koningshof in Veldhoven, the Netherlands from August 23rd - 25th.

    You can enter two AMVs in all of the following categories: action, comedy, dance/fun, drama/romance and “conceptual”. The conceptual category is for AMVs that do not belong to any of the other mentioned categories. They may, for example, focus on a mood or aesthetic, or merely focus on showcasing editing skills matching the music.

    Here is a small overview of the rules:
    • The submission deadline is Sunday, the 14th of July 2019 at 23:59:59 (GMT+1).
    • All submitted AMVs must have been finished or premiered after the 14th of July 2018.
    • Entries of any length.
    • Collabs and MEPs are allowed!
    • Title bumper/credits are not allowed. If you submit an AMV with a title bumper or credits we will request you submit a clean version. A title card will be added by us for the convention.

    For more information and how to enter, please visit: https://www.abunaicon.nl/things-to-do/2019-competitions/advanced-amv-competition/
    To sign up please visit: https://forms.gle/doGTwMyRLXqK5XCc8
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    First off I would like to thank everyone who submitted so far! And this is also a reminder that there is exactly one week left before the deadline.

    So far we have the following:
    Action: 5
    Comedy: 2
    Conceptual: 7
    Dance/Fun: 5
    Drama/Romance: 11

    As you can see we are truly in need of more comedy entries!

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