Agama con's First AMV Contest

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Speedy180, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Speedy180

    Speedy180 New Member

    Hello everyone!!!
    Like the subject line says this year is Agamacons second year and our first year hosting both an AMV contest and general showcase!!!! I have been greatly blessed to be hosting our first AMV contest and it would mean the world to us if any of you would like to enter. It will be a judge based contest and is open to Anyone so please check out the link bellow and send us your entry. Oh and if any of you can make it I hope to see you in the AMV rooms!!! [​IMG]
    XD ... n-near-you
  2. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Nice! I think ill throw my trailer at it to show support. :)

    When submitting names, do want our real name or editor pseudonym?
  3. Speedy180

    Speedy180 New Member

    Both please. XD
  4. Speedy180

    Speedy180 New Member

    P.S Deadline is Feb 17th
  5. Speedy180

    Speedy180 New Member

    Id like to thank Everyone who submitted to Agamacons First AMV contest. We have over 200 entries and had some truly Amazing videos submitted. Winners should be receiving awards in the mail in a couple of weeks. Again thank you all who submitted and attended. XD

    Honorable Mentions,
    Shin - Weeaboo Peekaboo - Original Idea - The Feels ... 1uNXM/view

    AntaresHeart07 - Fireflies Creditless - Mecha_Sci-fi - Judges Pick Speedy180 ... QyeG8/view

    Beyblade AMV - Breaking Now - Action - Let it Rip Reward - ... BtSWs/view

    Ruru-Let the Ocean Take Me-The Amity Affliction- Romance - Judges Choice Sky-High ... NZYXM/view

    shorisquared - Tsundere Love Story - Romance - Not The Worst Thing Ever ... E1Qnc/view

    White_Knight_Kagacie - Original Idea - The Reason We Should Have Had An Upbeat Category ... 81SW8/view

    Ram4919911_This Love When Two Hearts meet - Romance - ... F2dlk/view

    Arsonist's Lullabye - - Dexter - Drama ... 5nZWs/view

    Gundam Thunder Bolt AMV 'Battle Scars' Mecha_Sci-fi - Mikayl H ... ZsVWs/view

    [FINAL] 'F-U' in Response to the C-Word - Trailers - ai_love_gaara ... FCVGM/view

    GinaNelson-BloodStainedUniform-InThisMoment-Blood-KilllaKill - Action - ... xRNGs/view

    King Redeem - One Horn Man - Ninja Sex Party - Unicorn Wizard - Comedy -
    *Don't Look at me I'm not fully finished yet* Link Removed by request of the editor

    UnluckyArtist-Phosphor - Horror - ... hjOUU/view

    NoglasticNija–DesuStanding–Kojimaproductions–DeathStranding -VocaloidKantaicollection - Original Idea - ... AxZ1U/view

    AMV - Twintails and Music Clubs Final Draft 1 - Best in Show - Kyci ... 9Db3M/view
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