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    Hi everyone,its time once again for AgamaCons AMV contest! We had a incredible turnout last year and I cannot wait to see what kinda crazy Amazing submissions you all send us this year. We have made a few changes to our submission system this year but this should make things easier for everyone (We now have a (we now have a submission form). Also starting Last year we introduced our "Guest Judge" system. This "AMV Celebrity" guest judge will be helping with the final decisions on every category and even have there own award to be presented at the contest. Our Guest Judge this year will be none other then Tigrin(
    )! Again thank you in advance for your submissions and Happy Holidays to you all. XD

    Annual Agamacon AMV Contest

    This is a child friendly event, anything over PG-13 will not be played at Agamacon, however it is still eligible for rewards.
    Each person may submit up to three videos
    No title screens at the beginning or end credits please
    No logos or watermarks.
    Must have premiered after jan 1st 2019

    Artistic Endeavor
    Live Action

    SUBMISSIONS: Link below for submission ... w/viewform

    Deadline is February 17th.
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    Little less then 24 hours left until the Deadline. XD
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    Alright its results Time. As usual im a week behind on posting the results online but luckily it was because of con crud and not something els.
    I wanna thank everyone who graced us this year with there submissions. Not a single Winner or Honorable Mention was picked easily and it was a lot of Fun getting to go through everything that was sent to us this year. Big thanks to our guest judge Tigrin. You where such a Big Help this Year and I cannot thank you enough.

    Now for the Honorable Mentions and Winners.

    Honorable Mentions

    Another Clip AMV by Bryan Moebius
    "Well that was a thing" Award

    Baby Yoda by Maboroshi
    "Best Pandering" Award

    Back to life Nekokitkat
    "That's so 80s" Award

    Destiny Bond by BecauseImBored1
    "I choose You" Award"

    Dragon Dancer by Silent Hero Studios
    "Judge Tigrin Award"

    Entomophile by drewaconclusion
    "Creepy Crawlies" Award

    Fizzy water juice
    "It Tastes like Angry Water" Award.

    Haikyuu Final by AnimeMashupAMV
    "DRACTION" award

    Madness by Dexter
    "Horror" and "judges choice Sky-high" Award

    L'historie homosexuelle d'Homura by KeiichiFace
    "I'm in lesbians with you" Award

    inevitability by KeiichiFace
    "I'm not Crying your crying [​IMG]" Award

    Purrfect Pawsitivity by shorisquared

    Gunocalypse Now by @zeonicfreak
    "Good morning Fedies - Judges choice Speedy180"

    Main Contest Winners

    Call to Arms by Brandy Vaitses
    "Action" Award

    Clover Dreams by Nekokitkat
    "Artistic Endeavor" Award

    AOT Independence Day by Milan Matos
    "Trailer" Award

    Carry Me Home by DopplerDo
    "Drama - a sasunaru video in 2020 omg. Lol"

    Lovebirds by Sakura Sarah
    "Romance" Award

    Turing out fin by Nekokitkat
    "Sentimental" Award

    com/promise by NATALEO
    "Live Action" Award

    LaCroix byUnlucky
    "SCIFI Mecha" Award

    Now Can We Play D&D by Tasha
    "Comedy" Award

    Step on Up by Sakura Sarah
    "Upbeat" award

    Roadrash Remix by drewaconclusion
    "BEST IN SHOW" award

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