AkaiCon: Fifth Realm (2017) AMV Contest - Deadline July 7th 11:59pm CST

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    The AkaiCon: Fifth Realm (2017) AMV Contest is now accepting submissions! The deadline for submitting videos is July 7th, 2017 at 11:59pm CST. Rules for the contest are inside the spoiler block, below. Click here to submit to the contest.

    Good luck to all our entrants. :)

    AkaiCon 17’: The Fifth Realm
    AMV Contest Rules

    The following are the contractual rules for AkaiCon's Anime Music Video Contest. All videos submitted for the purpose of entry into the contest are subject to the following terms and conditions.


    There are six categories for all of the videos in this contest:

    - Action/Adventure
    - Drama/Romance
    - Trailer/Comedy
    - Dance/Upbeat
    - Convention Theme - Sci-Fi
    - Other

    Contest awards are based on the ballot vote of the audience at the time of convention showing.

    General Rules

    - Please note that the AMV Contest is an all-ages audience showing. A good general guideline for this type of content is: If the song cannot be played on the radio without edits (bleeps or omission of certain words), if the video contains sexual genitalia / hentai footage, or has extreme bloodied violent video, then it’s not acceptable for the contest. The AMV Staff of AkaiCon reserve the right to determine what constitutes “extreme” content.

    - Video must be a minimum length one (1) minute and no longer than six (6) minutes.

    - A maximum of three (3) video entries will be accepted from one individual or a group. Each video must have a separate entry form and separate categories. We will accept a 4th entry if the entry fits the Convention Theme of Sci-Fi.

    - Videos must use at least 40% Japanese anime content and the rest may be non-Japanese animation.

    - Videos must use at least 50% of external music or songs (i.e., not part of the original audio track of the video source) with the EXCEPTION of promotional trailer or television commercial parody audio.

    - Videos must NOT contain watermarks in the video. This includes, but is not limited to, the DivX logo, any television station, producer, or streaming site bugs & logos, AMV studio logos, and so on.

    - No video will be accepted with “hard subtitles” (subtitles permanently overlaid on video), nor will we accept videos from obviously bootlegged or fansubbed releases with these subtitles. The only EXCEPTION to this rule is if you create your own subtitles as an actual part of the anime music video.

    - Only previously released videos (as shown publicly at conventions, clubs and contests or for download on the internet) that premiered after August 2015 and were not previously submitted to past AkaiCon conventions may qualify for the contest.

    - By submitting a completed entry form or replying to the confirmation email you allow AkaiCon AMV Staff the right to use any entry you submit for display and/or promotional purposes.

    - By submitting to this contest, you agree to abide by all the rules stated above. AkaiCon AMV Staff reserves the right to update or make changes to these terms and conditions at any time.

    - All decisions made by the Video Coordinator or the AkaiCon AMV Staff are FINAL. All judging methods and judging decisions are FINAL.

    - No entries will be accepted at the convention.

    - All entries must meet all the general and submission rules as stated above. Entries must be received by July 7th, 2017 at 11:59PM CST.

    - Anyone may submit AMVs but you must be present or someone you know to receive an award. Those not attending, will get a certificate sent by mail.

    - All submissions become the property of AkaiCon and/or its assigns, and will not be returned to the submitter. Please do not send in your only copy of your video submission.

    - All submissions may be used for display and promotional purposes. All videos entered will be considered to be cleared for this purpose.

    Video Restrictions

    Accepted video formats (in order from most preferred to least):

    - AVC/H.264 - MP4 format (.mp4)
    - Matroska (.mkv)
    - MPEG-2 Video with MPEG-II Layer Audio (.mpeg, .mpg)
    - UTCodec or Lagarith Lossless Codec encoded AVI (.avi)
    - DivX / XviD in AVI format (.avi) encoded at the highest quality possible (Quantizer 1 is most preferred)
    - Quicktime (.mov) format (acceptable, but not recommended)
    - Windows Media (.wmv) format (acceptable, but not recommended)

    Any file format not mentioned above will not be considered and immediately disqualified. This includes MPEG-1, Real Media, or the use of any codec other than DivX, Lagarith, or XviD. If all else fails, contact the Contest Coordinator and we can try to work out an acceptable solution.

    All videos are required to be in at least a resolution of 640 x 480 (also known as 480p), and may be up to 1080p. As we use HDMI projectors, acceptable frame rates for your videos are 23.976fps, 29.97fps, and 60fps. Any other frame rates will be converted to fit one of these frame rates.

    Submission information

    Must use Dropbox or Google Drive to submit your entry. Please try to limit your file less than 1GB

    To submit your video, click here for the AMV Submission Form.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, contact the Video Events Department at akaicon.video@gmail.com
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    7th july I may join if I remain alive
  3. GloryQuestor

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    Just 6 weeks to go before the deadline!

    Again, our theme this year is Sci-Fi, which is pretty broad for the theme category. Giant robots, space adventures, interdimensional aliens ... we at AkaiCon cannot wait to check out what you send in for theme! [​IMG]
  4. GloryQuestor

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    All confirmations for video information received have been sent out. If you sent a video to us and did not receive a reply, please let me know by PM, and we will review.

    Just a bit over 22 days left to submit to the AMV Contest. Keep those submissions coming!
  5. GloryQuestor

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    We have extended the deadline. All entrants now have an extra week -- the new deadline is July 14th 11:59pm CDT

    We are still looking for videos in every category, especially in Convention Theme. As always, if you have a question, please let me know by PM.

    Thanks :)
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    Contest Submissions have been CLOSED as of the 14th. Thank you to everyone who has submitted a video. We will have the videos judged and a finalist list determined sometime this weekend.
  7. GloryQuestor

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    Here are the finalists for the AkaiCon 2017 AMV Contest, in order of creator name:

    drewaconclusion (x4)
    Elizabeth Chen
    Gina Nelson
    Iren S.S.
    [key]scarlet (x2)
    PixelBlended Studios (kireblue)
    PixelBlended Studios (Xophilarus)
    Shorisquared (x3)
    Studio Hawk (x2)

    The contest will be held in the Main Events room of AkaiCon, which is located this year in the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel Nashville, on Saturday, August 5th at 11am. Information about the convention can be found here.

    Congratulations to our finalists, and good luck in the AMV contest!
  8. GloryQuestor

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    Here are the winners of the AkaiCon 2017 AMV Contest:

    Best Action / Adventure: SliceofLife - Never Give Up!
    Best Drama / Romance: PixelBlended Studios (Xophilarus) - Empty Spaces
    Best Dance / Upbeat: AntaresHeart07 - Anime MasterChef
    Best Convention Theme (Science Fiction): shorisquared - Diebuster: A GAINAX Story
    Best Comedy / Trailer: UnluckyArtist - Thot Provoking Triple Bagel Backspins
    Best Other: TheAsian777 - Let’s Party Up
    Judges’ Best In Show: drewaconclusion - D’awwww Wagon
    Audience Favorite of Show: Studio Hawk - WWJD?

    Congratulations to all of our winners!
  9. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

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