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  1. Cenit

    Cenit LinkinBall Z

    Anime: Lupin the Third: Part IV
    Music: Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away with Me
    Video: Alight

    Would you trust me if i told you that this is probably my last Lupin III AMV?

    This is an AMV that i wanted to do since early 2016. I like Rebecca and i like the show. There was just no time to do it. Also, doing yet another Lupin III AMV seemed like a bad idea. Ileia once told me that all my L3 AMVs are pretty good. And I usually don't like stretching my luck too much. So i'm calling it quits on Lupin III. Unless of course the new TV series Part V or any of the upcoming movies wins me over. Then i'll be back!

    Special thanks to JadeCharm, Sojiro and zest for beta testing. Next AMV will probably be mecha.

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