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    So, you've got a really awesome AMV that you want to share and announce to the world? Then you're in the right place! Before you make your first post, please make sure you follow these rules....

    • 1. Please make sure the AMV you're announcing is not older than 30 days. We want to keep these announcements fresh with only new material.
    • 2. Make sure to include a link where your AMV can be viewed/downloaded. If you simply include the name of your video with no way to watch it then not only will your thread get no responses, it will be shut down.
    • 3. Do not post fake links. Posting fake links to content other than your AMV will result in warnings or potential bans.
    • 4. Only post specific videos you are trying to announce. Linking to your Youtube channel with a message of "Check out my stuff and sub." and only that is not OK. This forum exists for the promotion of single videos, not entire channels or profiles. You're welcome to advertise the rest of your channel or site where your work can be viewed, but if you do not have a specific video to announce that meets the rest of this criteria then we simply request you do not post.
    • 5. You are allowed to post more than 1 video in a single thread. If you have more than 1 new AMV that meets the criteria then you are welcome to post multiple videos.
    • 6. Please do not create more than 1 new thread a week. You are welcome to add on to an existing thread after the fact if you are still within the 1 week timespan. If you create multiple threads within a single week timespan, this can and will result in warnings and eventual bans.
    • 7. Limit your announcements to AMVs only. This means that non-anime sources such as Avatar, The Legend of Korra, RWBY, live action movies/tv shows, etc. are not allowed at this time. While there is a very lengthy discussion to be had about what exactly "anime" is, these are the qualifications we have at this time. Mixed usage of anime and non anime sources is allowed but please keep the ratio to 60% anime minimum.
    • 8. Hentai AMVs are allowed but you must label your thread as such with a [18+] tag in the thread title before any other information. Ex. [18+] I Put It In The Pooper - Winner of InTheButtCon 2016
    • 9. Including source information such as Anime Used, Musical Artist, Song Title, and AMV Title are not required but are highly encouraged.
    • 10. You are allowed to share work that is not your own as long as you label your thread with [Share] before any other information and the video in question matches the rest of the criteria listed. Please do not double share a video and check for any other links to it in the Announcement Section before posting. Ex. [Share] Naruto Won't Back Down - By SasukeChan5EverAMV
    • 11. You're welcome to include banners and cool images as a way to advertise your AMV. Just please do not create banners larger than 900x900. There are people viewing this forum and these threads on mobile devices and we want to be considerate of their bandwidth.

    If you have any other questions please post them in the thread and we'll try to answer them as soon as possible! Keep in mind that this list can change at any time but we will do our best to communicate rules changing! :D
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    Is their somewhere we can post are older videos ?
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    How does this relate to mixed sources? Is there a certain percentage limit of anime that you have to have before it counts as an 'anime' music video? After watching F.Y.C and sans titre again the question sprang to mind.
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    Actually that's a good question.
    IMO (so this shouldn't be taken as an opinion from the site admins) videos that could be primarily labeled as AMVs are those with around 60% of anime as the sources AND anime being the focus, my statement is based on what most cons accept as AMVs.
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    Updated with clarification. Joskua got it though.
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    For clarification, are GMVs completely out of the question then? I have noticed multiple threads with GMVs. I imagine if the source material was COD or something not sourced from Japanese creators that it wouldn't be a good fit. I know that in AMV contests, GMVs with Japanese origins are welcomed, but is this not the case for the forum or am I overthinking this? :oops:
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