AMV Awards [2017]

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    Hey everyone !

    I have the pleasure to present to you a whole new contest: AMV Awards !
    In this contest we are rewarding AMV Makers from all around the world and all the amazing AMVs they've done this year. That's right, the videos you'll be submitting to us, don't have to be exclusive for this contest. We are asking you to send us the best AMVs you've made this year. Your videos will be judged by 23 judges from 15 different countries. All you have to do to participate, is to register on the website in one or more of categories under:

    Solo Categories:

    Best AMV Maker
    Best AMV
    Best Action
    Best Drama
    Best Romance
    Best Fun
    Best Psychedelic
    Best Mad
    Best Dance
    Best Horror
    Best IC
    Best Graph
    Group Categories:

    Best Collaboration
    Best Mep
    Best Team

    Take note that you can only send one clip per category except for Group Categories. You have until the 1st of December to register hope to see you there !!
    Here is the website to register for the contest and make sure to carefully read the rules to understand all the tricky parts of some categories :

    See you there !!​

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