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    Do you like editing? Would you like to compete with someone you do not know or your best friend? Or compete in group and show off your skills? Then join AMV BATTLES!

    - - A little bit more about the battles - -

    - AMV battles firstly started in Lithuanian AMV community in 2012. It is a battle event where two or more editors battle between themselves. It is a good opportunity to experiment with a new genre, style, music, or practice some editing techniques with reasonably set amount of time or quick edit.

    - There are 3 available types of battles - 1x1, Collab vs Collab and MEP vs MEP.

    - This event is an ongoing, which means that there is no set deadline for it to end. The only deadline is when you start your battle. You will be given maximum 3 weeks to finish your work, after that one week for public voting.

    Interested? Read our rules, guidlines and how to participate by visiting website - and/or join our discord!

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