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    Reserved for Nationals finalists and results.
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    We've just discovered this forum - so let us bring to you the good news about AMV League!


    So what's AMV League?
    For those of you who don't know (I see a lot of folks from the Org here), AMV League is a nationwide, multiconvention AMV Tournament, the first and only one of its kind. AMV League consists of several Qualifying Events that happen at conventions just like regular AMV contests. BUT - each Qualifying Event winner goes on to compete in the AMV League National Championships for the title of Best AMV of the Year!

    All rules and details can be found on our website -

    For those of you who've followed AMV League in the past, we've listened to all the feedback we've gotten from editors, so with the new season comes new rules - meant to make this the most amazing year of AMV League yet!

    Changes for Season 4:

    1. We are renaming the General category to "Fun/Upbeat." This is for a couple of reasons. First, the word "General" was confusing to some editors, making then unsure of what type of videos to submit. Second, some folks were using the "General" category as a way to sneak in a second Action or Drama submission. And finally, most importantly, we are once again accepting Comedy videos in each main contest - these videos should be submitted to the Fun/Upbeat category. (Note: We are also accepting Trailer videos in each main contest once again; these should be submitted to Action, Drama, or Fun/Upbeat as the editor sees fit.)

    2. We understand that the whole "one shot" nature of AMV League has a tendency to make some editors reluctant to submit, so in addition to Best Action, Best Drama, and Best Fun/Upbeat, we will be sending one Honorable Mention from each contest to the Nationals as well. The Honorable Mention will be defined as "the highest scoring video that did not win a Best in Category award." In addition, the two "Wild Card" videos added to the Nationals at the end of the year will no longer be chosen by us, but will be the two highest-scoring videos overall that have not yet made it into the Nationals. Between these two rules changes, we feel that it will remove some subjectivity from the contests and make it more fair to editors - good videos that score well will rise to the top, even if they were unlucky enough to be submitted to a crowded contest.

    3. HUGE! CASH! PRIZES!! So, remember how we used to send certificates to every AMV League winner? And remember how quickly shipping those things around the world bankrupted us? (Seriously, sending a package to Brazil is expeeeeeeeeeensive.) Well, we've found a solution. Each Best in Category Winner from an AMV League Event will now receive a $10 Amazon e-Gift Card! Honorable Mentions will receive a $5 Amazon e-Gift Card. These can be sent electronically, eliminating the need for packaging and shipping a physical item. Ok, $10 isn't a HUGE cash prize, but we think it's a nice pot-sweetener. There will be a bigger prize for winners at the Season 4 Nationals this year, but we're still working out with San Japan exactly what that prize is going to be.

    4. We are eliminating the X-Factor judgment criterion to remove more subjectivity from the equation. "Special Effects" has reverted to "Technical Prowess" and will now include video issues such as aspect ratio, encoding, and rendering.

    5. Finally, our scoring system is changing - each category will now be out of 20 points rather than 10. This will allow for more fine tuning when it comes to judging, and make it so minor flaws no longer knock a whopping 10% deduction out of a video's category score.

    We look forward to seeing everyone at AMV Central excited about AMV League Season 4, and we can't wait to see all your incredible videos!

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