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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shorisquared, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Rider4Z

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    I don't count on amv news for constructive criticism, but i do like to see what "the Russians" think of my stuff.

    I see some comments here about their opinions being wrong or uninformed. I disagree. I think they have a different culture and therefore different opinions on what they believe is quality work. Doesn't mean they're "wrong". They also have a different approach of letting you know how they feel about your work.

    Ever heard the joke "There was once a Russian man who loved his wife so much that he almost told her."
  2. Cmoididi

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  3. Pic4

    Pic4 Moderator Staff Member

    Since I can understand russian, I must say that the feedback was very helpful for me back in 2012-2013 (there were many comments). Now it feels like the community is dying since there are just a few comments on new videos.
  4. Rider4Z

    Rider4Z The Machine

    Sounds like another site i know.
  5. Hikikomori

    Hikikomori New Member

    This explains everything:

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  6. IdiAlex

    IdiAlex The Song God

    Actually you are over-colouring the situation guys. And ye, the question was how it works, not "why i cant go on main".

    Well, answering to the question.

    There are 2 types of pages: exam and main. If you upload a video and choose "exam" in one of available places to fill, it will be uploaded to exam. If you dont do this, admins will watch it and decide if it can go to straight to main. We all know that you (you, who reading this rn) are not that cool editor, so you will be uploaded to exam anyway.
    Then there are 2 days of voting for posting it to main page. You can be posted to main if:
    1) you have more votes for it then against
    2) admins allowed it after voting.
    Usually admins don't show off and if you get more "yes" votes, you will be posted.

    What else you want to know?

    P.S. imho amvnews now is a pool to be reposted. Almost every amv ever been on amvnews you can see posted on bilibili without creators permission.
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  7. Sebacarp

    Sebacarp New Member

    AMV News is a site for posting videos and having access to a direct download.

    Do not wait for advice or constructive opinions to improve, that happens very rarely. Other editors seriously comments on a job. But the majority is dedicated to say stupid things and hide behind the Russian language.

    But it must be said that it is not only the Russian community, there are others who speak the Russian language who are engaged in this type of thing.

    It's funny that even they do not agree on their comments.
  8. IdiAlex

    IdiAlex The Song God

    Lol amvnews is russian web-site, i thought it is obviously most people there write in russian. If you don't like this you can ignore this site.

    It's the same if I for example open, upload a vid and say "they hide behind finnish language". Weirdo
  9. MagicDarkLight

    MagicDarkLight New Member

    Thanks IdiAlex for the explanation.

    I think amvnews, as a reposting site has some room for improvement though. For starters, having notifications for the author when its video gets uploaded would be good. Preferably by mail. Also, giving possibiliy to edit the links, description, etc. to the authors would help imo. Very often you see videos on amvnews with recoded quality, wrong studio name and the likes and I think it's a bother for both authors and admins to take care of that. I don't think it would programmatically be difficult to implement (for authors already registered on the site).

    Maybe they have reasons for not doing that though, I don't know. I'm cool with amvnews, it has great streaming and better design than where I don't have the time to upload (so the whole reupload thing is actually cool) and I don't think of it as intuitive as news.
  10. IdiAlex

    IdiAlex The Song God

    Actually if you are the author of an uploaded (not by you) amv and see some mistakes, you can write to admins and they will react. If you want they will even delete it from base.
    About quality, Minstrel or Turbo (i dont remember who of them sry) have said that some amvs are too big. Server isnt made of rubber, so they recode it. If that happens they leave link to original if author have it.

    So you always can come to bargain with amvnews administration.
  11. Sebacarp

    Sebacarp New Member

    I mean his opinions about the work of an author say it in Russian because his comments are not good. Most of the time they say stupid things in the Russian language.
  12. IdiAlex

    IdiAlex The Song God

    Well saying stupid things ain't depend on what language you are speaking. Kinda nazi, no?
    And what things you mean saying stupid? If his opinion not as yours its stupid? WEIRDO
  13. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    I think the site is pretty good for uploading and finding some good videos. What i always didnt like about it isnt the commentators commenting in russian but the rating system. If people search videos by rating, for example above 4 might miss some videos who are good but are below 4.
    I always liked the 1-10 rating system on akross better cause it makes the rating more flexible imo
    and really good videos wont be missed.
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