An old classic...remastered!

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    So while I was poking around in old file archives, I found the source files and project files for my original daydream AMV. For the sake of nostalgia, I tried to open one of the AE files up, and sure enough it still worked. I wondered if it would be possible to upscale/remaster the video to at least 720p. The 3d character shots could just be re-rendered at a larger size, but upscaling Azumanga Daioh was a bit more of a challenge. For each shot, I had to decide whether I would crop in on the shot, or whether I would scale it to fit the 1280x720 size, and then re-create parts of the background/characters that were missing. After I fiddled with my upscale script for a long time to get everything looking as nice as possible, and then re-rendered and re-built the 3d comps. I finished the video...

    And then realized that Azumanga Daioh BDs exist.

    Well crap.

    Oh well, enjoy this bit of nostalgia with me, will you?

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