Anime Detour 2017 AMV Contest - Entries Due March 1st

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  1. belindabird

    belindabird New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    The Anime Detour AMV Contest will be accepting entries until 11:59:59, March 1st.

    A complete list of rules, as well as the online submission form, can be found here -

    Some basic information:

    While we do accept entries from all over the world, we unfortunately can not send physical prizes outside of the United States. We do appreciate the opportunity to feature and share your AMVs, though!

    We have a hard cut-off of 5 minutes for length. This is to ensure that we can show as many AMVs as we can during the limited time available during the convention.

    This is an all-ages event, so language, nudity, and violence should be kept to a minimum.

    I look forward to seeing your great entries!

    Jessi Silver
    Anime Detour AMV Contest Coordinator
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  2. Celia Phantomhive

    Celia Phantomhive The Yaoi Wizard Staff Member Queen of Yaoi

    bless this contest for not discriminating against integrated credits
    definitely gonna send something new
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