Anime Detour 2019 AMV Contest - Winners

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    Hello, all. Below is the list of Anime Detour 2019 AMV Contest Category Winners and Judge's Choice Award Winners. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Best in Show:
    "Gilded" by SuperEltanin
    Video: Haikyuu!
    Audio: "Golden" by Parade of Lights

    Best Action:
    "Two Heroes: When Legends Rise" by Maboroshi Studio
    Video: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
    Audio: "When Legends Rise" by Godsmack

    Best Drama:
    "Happy for You" by Zandersen
    Video: Violet Evergarden
    Audio: "Happy for You" by Kala Farnham

    Best Romance:
    "Give it Up" by DopplerDo
    Video: Monogatari Series
    Audio: "Like Boys" by Hyphen Hyphen

    Best Upbeat:
    "Undeadman Zombieland" by PaNTSU of D00m
    Video: Zombieland Saga
    Audio: "The Greatest Show" by The Greatest Showman Cast

    Judge's Choice Winners:

    "Maple Leaves" by Bry_
    Video: Hidamari Sketch, The Tatami Galaxy, Various
    Audio: "Maple Leaves" by Jens Lekman

    "Great Day to be Tamaki" by Gina Nelson
    Video: Ouran High School Host Club
    Audio: "Great Day" by The Lonely Island

    "Mummy Days" by TheDestineeAMV
    Video: How to Keep a Mummy
    Audio: "The Days" by Avicii

    "Banana Fish Rhapsody" by Ikuna
    Video: Banana Fish
    Audio: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

    "Scum's Promises" by Project Twins AMV
    Video: Scum's Wish
    Audio: "Promises I Can't Keep" by Mike Shinoda

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