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    Hello again, AMV editors. The deadline is quickly approaching for entries in the Anime Detour AMV Contest. The full list of rules and the entry form are located here:

    There have been some category changes that are unfortunately not currently reflected on the webpage. They were implemented due to changing editing styles and the number of entrants for certain categories. To summarize:

    • The "trailer" category has been eliminated due to historical lack of entries. Editors are welcome to submit trailer-style AMVs, but should submit them to the most appropriate category.
    • We have split the "Comedy" and "Dance/Upbeat" into separate categories.
    • We have added the "Romance" category.
    We hope that these changes will help provide a better representation of the types of AMVs we typically receive.

    We have also added some things to the entry form that entrants should be aware of:

    • There is an additional question as to whether you will or will not be attending the convention in person. We have historically chosen to feature AMVs from local (Midwest) AMV editors and those who are attending the convention, so hopefully this will make it more transparent. Anyone is welcome to enter, though!
    • There is an additional question regarding consent to include your AMV in a compilation that will be uploaded to a streaming service - historically we have not had a good, central way to point fans toward the source of their favorite AMVs from the contest, so this is meant to help with that. All credit to the original editors will be provided in any compilation. Editors must give affirmative consent in order to allow their AMVs to be included in the compilation. Editors who do not wish their entries to be included in this way are welcome to answer "no" to this question.
    Beyond that, things are roughly the same. The deadline is listed as March 1st, however, there will likely be a grace period until sometime on Saturday when I wake up and close the submission form. I cannot "officially" guarantee the inclusion of your entry after 11:59pm on March 1st, though!

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to reply to this thread, DM me here, or send an email to the email address listed on the bottom of the contest rules page.
  2. belindabird

    belindabird New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Hello, friends! The deadline is quickly approaching for this year's AMV contest, and there's still room for entries - especially in the newly-established "romance" category! The form is officially open until end-of-day Friday (March 1st), but will probably remain open until I can close things off around mid-day Saturday, so you still have some time.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your great AMVs!

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