Anime Detour 2022 AMV Contest - Submissions Now Open

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    Hello, and a happy 2022 to all the editors out there. The Anime Detour 2022 AMV Contest is now currently open for submissions. For a full run-down of the rules, please follow the link below:

    The direct link to the submission form is provided below:

    Below are some highlights and important notes for this year's contest:

    • The deadline for entry is March 1st as usual; however, I generally provide a grace period until the following weekend (this is not guaranteed, but please use the contact form for AD Programming if you have any specific questions/needs related to this deadline and I am usually more than happy to accommodate reasonable requests).
    • Because we were forced to cancel the contest last year due to complexities related to the pandemic, if editors would prefer to re-submit their previous entries in lieu of a new entry, those will be accepted (please re-submit using the entry form).
    • Any AMVs received from non-US addresses are considered non-competing exhibition entries (not eligible for awards/prizes). However, because we enjoy showcasing the editing talents of editors from all over the world, if you live outside the US and would still like to have your AMV shown, it may be included in our AMV showcase (ultimately this depends on the number of submissions we receive and the time allotted by the convention for AMV showings).
    For other inquiries about specific rules or any other questions you may have related to the contest itself, please feel more than free to reply to this thread, contact me via DM, or use the AD Programming contact form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you all, and here's to an enjoyable 2022 AMV Contest!

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