Anime Expo 2017 AMV Competition - Deadline: Saturday, April 29th!

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    Submission Guidelines and Rules
    Deadline: Saturday, April, 29th, 2017
    Visit the following link for the official event rules and registration form:

    Participant registration direct link:

    To check the status of your AMV submission, visit the following link:

    Please direct any questions or comments to:

    Most important changes compared to 2016's rules:
    1) We now accept certain non-Japanese anime sources. See the rules for details.
    2) No pitch-altered music tracks unless there is an obvious artistic reason for it.
    3) File size requirements is now just a recommendation, but there's repercussions for ignoring it.
    4) Our Technical Standards have been clarified to give a better idea of what kind of flaws we flag.​

    The rules: TL;DR Edition!
    If you read nothing else, please at least read these.
    1. You can send us a total of NINE(!) videos this year, but only in the following combination:
      • You can send one Action, OR one Drama, OR one Sentiments video. Pick one only.
      • In addition, you can also send up to three Rhythm, Fun, or Humor videos (any combination is okay, but no more than three total).
        (Please don’t try to sneak in your extra Action/Drama/Sentiment videos as Rhythm/Fun/Humor. We check.)
      • And in addition to that, you can send up to five Trailer Parodies, TV Commercials, or TV Intro parodies (in any combination).
      • 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 videos maximum.
    2. If your AMV publicly existed prior to Oct 3st, 2016, we consider it an old video and won’t accept it.
    3. Don’t use source material that has studio logos, watermarks, or subtitles. Avoid using text, and don’t put in anything that breaks your anonymity.
    4. Don’t send enormous files. We allow AMVs up to 250mb, which is HUGE. If you feel yours needs to be larger, we'll still take it (within reason), but we will re-encode to fit that size limit it before we send it to the judges (this is bad). If you need advice on how to properly encode, feel free to ask.
    5. Do your best to preserve visual quality. We play these on giant movie theater sized screens that magnify every imperfection. Test your video in full-screen on the largest TV you can find, not in a YouTube window on your laptop.
    6. Read our Technical Standards. Understand what we consider to be imperfections and learn how to avoid them.
    7. Do not pitch shift your audio. This isn't necessary for us. We’re not YouTube.
    8. We now also accept certain non-Japanese “anime” as sources, so long as the show is made in the typical Japanese anime style. If there’s a source you think might fit this, contact us for approval.
    9. Read ALL the rules, not just this short list.

    Thank you, and good luck!
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    This post reserved for future announcements. Stay tuned!
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    Holy CRAP is this thread late, but here we go! Actually, we've been open for submissions for over a month now, and but between prep for AX and prep for SakuraCon (whose AMV event our team also helps with), we're busy as hell. Lots of fun stuff happening!

    I'm pleased to see that we've already got a good flow of fantastic videos in for 2017. Please keep them coming!

    In fact, because we're so crazy busy this year, I IMPLORE you to please submit your videos early.

    I know that a lot of editors love to submit their entries at the last minute, but seriously, having to inspect over 150+ videos over a single weekend (many of which were sent to earlier events and had not had any changes at all) is devastating. It puts the already fragile schedule of the event at risk, and we just don't have any time to waste this year (unless we start making the deadlines even earlier).

    So please, if your video is ready, please send it early. Thank you! :)
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    I probably wont get done in time for the deadline so good luck to everyone else and I hope see some cool shit as always.
  5. Ileia

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    Looks like I need to make a new action video pronto!
  6. King Redeem

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    NOOO JUST DO IT!!! >:O
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    FYI -- As usual, there will be a deadline extension for Trailers, Intros, and Commercials. That deadline is 5/20/2017, so please send a bunch!
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    Don't forget, the deadline is just in over 28 hours (give or take). Get your vids in soon!

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