ANN (Answerman) - Are Anime Music Videos A Dying Art?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pysh, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Going into the comments on the forums there, lot of gems to be found. Like how AMVs are apparently 90% Linkin Park and emo songs over shounen jump anime...
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    Honestly i think this is pretty accurate, although i have no idea what hes talking about with the 'heavy hitters' of editing. He also doesnt mention how youtube has caused the communities to shrink, and I think the statement that most people dont watch music videos anymore is kinda missing the point. (quote)
    while many people will add AMVs to playlists (im guilty of this lol) he seems to be hilariously assuming that viral amvs are opened to hear the song. I do feel like the comedy scene has died a little bit but i think the creativity is gonna go up in the future. Viva la discord servers.

    Kudos to him for noting the russians have a different amv scene, I didnt expect him to know that.
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    They're not talking about AMVs there, they're talking about regular music videos like the ones on VEVO channels. Most of the time, yeah, people just open those videos to listen to the music. Lyric videos have become popular too; requires very little effort to create in comparison to filming a music video, and people get to listen to the music and see the lyrics if they want. I feel like actual music videos fell out of prominence after the 90s... but bands continue to make them. Bastille always makes particularly weird ones.

    And err why wouldn't Troy know about the Russian AMV scene?

    Anyways, interesting article. AMVs certainly don't seem like they're dying out to me, but maybe the community is different than it once was. Since I'm kind of new to the scene I wouldn't know.
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    I think he's talking about editors that made at least a couple videos over the years that stood out in both concept and execution and were really well received by the public and wide spread. Specifically who, you'd have to ask him but I'm sure we all have our own lists.
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    This is a really broad statement and without naming these "heavy hitters," I don't know if you can just make a claim like this.

    Overall, this piece was as thoughtful and well-referenced as it could have possibly been from someone who admitted that they "[don't] know anything about the scene as it currently stands." So I don't want to complain about this too much, it's always just a relief to see any discussion about AMVs anywhere at all these days.
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