AWA 2017 The Video Art Track - Deadline SEP 5

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    Posting this here for Jingoro, more info on the link. I also really recommend entertng AWA Pro if you haven't before, it's a fun experience.

    [Have some copypasta! Info added below now. - Mod1]

    It's submission season for The Video Art Track, and once again we have no major changes in the contest rules this year.

    Anime Weekend Atlanta

    Something to remember, Anime Weekend Atlanta is once again 4 days this year. The Video Art Track will be one of the first rooms to open, screening videos the moment we're ready and with official programming starting at Noon Thursday. Be sure to arrive early and don't forget the Editors' Dinner Thursday evening!

    Submissions and Rules

    Event information is at:
    Submission URL is
    The form will look pretty familiar to you if you've sent us videos in the past.
    Complete rules are available at

    This IS a Masters year.

    Both The Masters and The Professional Awards requires new content not released online or screened at other conventions.
    Explicit content is allowed in The Professional Awards and in The Music Video Exposition. There's now some tick-boxes on the form about this.
    The deadline for all contests is September 5. We've kept this a little later, like last year, and have arranged things so there is only one deadline.

    The MEP Thunderdome

    The MEP Thunderdome returns with a fully stocked private editing bay (Adobe Premiere CC) at Anime Weekend Atlanta that will be available throughout the convention. We will be taking signups for 6 teams of 5 editors each, with each editor given one hour in the edit bay to contribute to their team's MEP, Iron Editor-style, with a few twists of our own.

    If you are interested in participating, gather your team of five together, come up with a cool name for you team, then have your team captain fill out the form on the Thunderdome website at Feel free to trash-talk all you like as you prepare to enter The MEP Thunderdome!

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