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Discussion in 'Editing Help' started by Chibiahiru, Jun 21, 2019.

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    We’ve all had that moment. You’re on YouTube looking at amvs when you stumble across something that just grinds your gears. BAD EDITING.

    Weather it’s got subtitles throughout the whole thing, no better than 360 p quality, or it’s just a fight scene from Narumi sped up and put to a Fall Out Boy song, we’ve all begged the question “what is this sh**?”

    What if there was a way we could prevent such atrocities?

    I am working on an AMV centered around the most common and most irritating common trends and signs of bad Amv editing for both education, and I think it would be super hilarious!

    To make my meta amv even more educational, I’m reaching out to the community. What are your 7 deadly sins of editing? What are the ridiculous things you come across that just make an amv trash?

    Thanks everyone!

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