Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist -kyoto saga-

Discussion in 'Anime/Manga Discussion' started by TheAceRailgun, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Who's ready for the second half of Ao no Exorcist?

  2. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    Can be good, we'll see
  3. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest


    I'm also quite excited. The first season was pretty endearing, so ill be following it as it goes along.
  4. きさぎ

    きさぎ The lover of Cuteness

    I'm pretty excited for this as well. Seems interesting.
  5. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Ya, I will probably watch this X3
  6. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    I'm totaly out of my old (little) hype for this anime haha wait and see, don't realy care HAHAHA (but i still love fire sword)
  7. ailynerie

    ailynerie "El Angie"

    I will watch this even if it turns out to be a disappointment, I owe it to myself
  8. Axel

    Axel Super High School Level Bad Luck

    I'm pretty hyped for this since it will adapt the impure king arc wich from what i read it's a great arc,i just hope it will be done right xD.
  9. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    So far this is pretty good, the animation is a bit better than the previous season, and it actually follows the manga :O
  10. ailynerie

    ailynerie "El Angie"

    hopefully this wont disappoint otherwise I'll be super sad
  11. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Same here, I'm kind eagerly awaiting the Impure King battle
  12. Tigrin

    Tigrin Member

    Really? I was really disappointed by the animation in episode 1. It barely moved and nothing had weight to it. I think it's getting better though. I have to say I've been disappointed more often than not by the work of A-1. Not one of the better anime studios.

    That being said I'm glad they returned to the manga plot for Blue Exorcist, I really enjoyed the Kyoto arc.
  13. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Yea, I noticed that in episode 1, it's been nice from episode 2 on though. That chapter was also pretty slow in the manga though, so -shrug-

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