'Bonesaw' and 'Engineering BASIC LEE'

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  1. Cenit

    Cenit LinkinBall Z

    Here are two AMVs i recently finished. Feel free to comment on only one of them.

    This one i edited last week. I'm currently still busy with college but i wanted to work with Gundam Thunderbolt as it deserves some love. I first heard the Song None Shall Live by Two Steps from Hell in the BvS BluRay Trailer and thought it might be a good pick.

    This AMV was a rather Quick Idea i had in January of 2016. I skipped through Wings of Honneamise after a getting it recommended by a friend, listened to the score of How To Train Your Dragon shortly after and decided to edit to John Powell's Test Drive.
  2. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Great videos! I enjoyed both of them ^^
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  3. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Absolutely loved both of these! The pacing and storytelling is so on point that id love to give both original shows a go myself.
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  4. seasons

    seasons Member

    You were only supposed to comment on one of them. Cenit will not be pleased.
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  5. Cenit

    Cenit LinkinBall Z

    And you commented on neither, that's even worse D:

    Replay/mittoh thanks for your reply. Much appreciated <3

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