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    My name is Niwa and I've been editing since 2004 (I feel freaking old for saying this), that was also the time I first joined the org for the first time and made some pretty awesome lifetime friends. AMV for me was a passion of mine back then, and still is. Before I joined the org, I was doing Anime Wallpapers for a site called, you can see my embarrassing work here: under the name of Niwa-kun, but I was quickly drawn into video editing and motion graphics when I first saw AniMix and Naruto's World by Einhander.

    I currently work as a Motion Artist and Video Editor in London, and this wouldn't have happened if I didn't meet people in the AMV community. I've also learned that, people who shares the same inspiration as you will always inspire you to work even harder to achieve your own goals, ether is a project or stuff in real life.

    Enough of the boring stuff, here's a cake. Did I also mention that... I LOVE CAKE

    Latest Video:
    You can also find my latest AMV that I've done for Kawaii-kon's 2016 opening ceremony on the video below. I've shared a couple of screenshots of it on the AMV group on Facebook. The 2 other collaborators that I worked with, wants to remain in the shadow :D I only did the intro of it and compositing the project.

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    Hello Niwa, yet again someone who edits for so long x)
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    gay cake
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  5. Niwa

    Niwa Cake Addiction

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    Welcome, cakes are okay but muffins are better.
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    allo frederick
  8. Joskua

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    Welcome to the foru, Frederick!
    I don't trust people who don't like cake.
    My favorite ones are chocolate cakes (almost every kind!), cheesecake and carrot cake c:
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    Hi niwa!

    Cakes are wonderful
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    we are no longer friends , goodbye
  11. Kagacie

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    also hiiiiii time for math
    Cake = bae
    you = cake
    you = bae
  12. Niwa

    Niwa Cake Addiction

    It's ok, we can eat those too

    allo okaasan

    We can be best friends then


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    I want cake
  15. Niwa

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