Call Me Maybe

Discussion in 'New AMV Announcements' started by SakonMV, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. SakonMV

    SakonMV New Member

    Hi! Here is my new AMV. Feel free to give an opinion!
  2. Pysh

    Pysh Member

    The song fits so well with the source... really nice work :) it actually has got me interested in watching this anime.
  3. SakonMV

    SakonMV New Member

  4. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    You know my opinion.
    Its good ;)
  5. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    @ 1:26 made me chuckle XD
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  6. SakonMV

    SakonMV New Member

    Well, I did my job!

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