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    Hi everyone,
    I'm ali2alice from youtube. I started editing in the 2010 and then got into it and became really active, organizing my own studios and stuff. I had then to go on a really long hiatus of 3 or maybe more years T_T but this year I came back editing. I've kept editing some amvs for my friends and not posting them but then I realized I misssed editing mep and collaborations so I've opened my channel again and tried to do it. Unluckly I've noticed many things have changed and also people, so I joined this forum hoping to find again a group of editors that I can follow, chat and edit with ^^ Also, opening again my anime studios was really hard and I'm still struggling with one of them >_< so, if you're interested please check it, it would be really nice ^^

    Other things? I'm kinda boring, I don't know xD
    I'm into Rock but also kpop, romantic anime but action anime,too. I love fx, raw, candy editing style but I also try to tell a story, no matter the style :)

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