Con-Nichiwa 2017 AMV Contest Now Open!!!

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  1. lanichan88

    lanichan88 New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! Our contest is now open and ready to go! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Once again, here are the rules and policies for this year's contest! Best of luck to all, and have fun!

    Music & Dance
    *depending on how many entries (or lack of) in each category, some categories may be disregarded.

    Policies and Conditions
    1) Any physical media you submit to us will not be returned. Make sure you still possess your original master copy of your AMV.
    2) You grant us unconditional, irrevocable, and eternal permission to use your submission(s) in any way, which includes (but is not limited to) copying, sharing, and exhibiting, as well as any purposes and usages that may be unrelated to this event.
    3) The coordinators and judges may, at their discretion, re-categorize any entry they deem unsuited for the category specified by the entrant.
    4) The coordinators and judges have the right to disqualify any submission for any fair and justifiable reason not foreseen in these rules.
    5) All judgments and decisions are final.

    “Disqualification” Rules:
    1) Maximum Submissions
    An entrant may submit a maximum of three AMVs plus one
    Trailer/Parody entry. No two AMVs may be for the same category.

    2) Intros, closings, and identifiers.
    Entries are screened anonymously. Therefore, videos should not contain any identifying information such as intros, closings, logos, slates, or credits of any kind.
    NOTE: Trailer parodies are an exception and may use studio-style slates or
    logos where customary, provided that they are completely original.

    3) Studio Trademarks
    Entries may not use studio trademarks (e.g. Paramount, DreamWorks, WB logos, etc.) unless it is intentional, it will be negotiated with before the entry is put in the contest.

    4) Inappropriate Content
    Entries that contain excessive content unsuitable for an age 13+ audience as determined by the coordinators and/or judges may be disqualified. Context and severity shall be taken under consideration.
    For those with this concern, it is recommended to look over your submission or to not add that content at all.

    5) Non-Anime/Video Game Content
    The visual content of your entry should consist of at least 70% anime-styled, manga-styled, or video game content. The judges reserve the right to accept or reject entries based on whether, in their opinion, an entry fits the spirit of an Anime Music Video event.

    6)Time length
    Your entry must be longer than 1 minute but no longer than 6 minutes. (This does not include the 3 seconds of black in the beginning and end).

    Technical Standards:
    What We Prefer
    • Files encoded in MP4 (H.264), WMV, MOV, or MPG (MPEG2) formats.
    • Files averaging ~30MB per minute (75MB minimum, 200MB maximum).
    Preferred Video Resolutions:
    We strongly recommend submitting your video in the exact same resolution
    that your source material is in, which is likely one of the following:
    • 640x480 (4:3, Square Pixel)
    • 848x480 (16:9, Square Pixel)
    • 960x720 (4:3, Square Pixel)
    • 1280x720 (16:9, Square Pixel)
    • 720x480 (4:3, 0.9:1 Pixel Aspect Ratio)
    • 720x480 (16:9, 1.21:1 Pixel Aspect Ratio)

    What We REJECT
    • Any video hosting links such as YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, or similar.
    • Anything that requires an unusual level of difficulty to work with.

    - Please put 3 seconds of black screen before and after your AMV.

    Submission Instructions
    - Entries being submitted via postal mail must be postmarked and in the mail on or before the deadline. (E-mail for address)
    - Entries being submitted online (via e-mail or file hosting website) must be fully uploaded by the DEADLINE OF NOON ON MARCH 17TH 2017 ARIZONA TIME.
    - Along with the entry, please provide the following information about the AMV
    Name, Address, Email, Title of Video, Video Category, Anime or Video Game footage used, Song/Audio name along with artist (if it can be accessed).

    “Inexcusable” Rules:
    1) Dishonesty (Penalty variable based on severity)
    Participants who willfully provide false, incomplete, or misrepresented information on their entry form may be reprimanded.

    2) Plagiarism
    Do not submit someone else’s AMV as if it were your own. Do not submit an “improved” version of someone else’s AMV unless you have the original creator’s explicit permission to do so. Each person involved in a submission’s creation must be identified.

    NOTE: Before an “Inexcusable” violation is declared, the entrant will be contacted and
    provided an opportunity to address and/or dispute the issue.

    General Information:
    - Once your AMV has been submitted to us, we will send an e-mail confirming that we have received the entry.
    - If the AMV has been approved for screening, we will send a second e-mail as soon as possible confirming your participation in the contest.
    - If the AMV has NOT been approved for screening,
    o (If there is still time before the deadline), we will send an e-mail recommending to make any adjustments based on the rules above.
    o (If there is NO time before the deadline or NO changes can be made based on the rules above) It will be disqualified.

    Remember, the deadline is MARCH 17TH 2017@ NOON ARIZONA TIME.

    Until the deadline, we will work as much as we can to get your entry ready and accepted for the contest. (With the exception of making the AMV of course that’s your work)

    Please direct any questions or comments to:
    Good luck and happy AMV making!
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    mittoh! Guest

    Aha thanks, this looks interesting!
    No submission or website info but I'll ask that email address if you arent around lmao
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