Connichi 2017 AMV-/GMV-/CV-Contest - FINALISTS ANNOUNCED

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    Deadline: August 9th, 2017

    English Rules: LINK
    German Rules: LINK

    For questions or help please contact:

    Winners and Finalists of 2016

    The Connichi video contest is the biggest and longest running AMV-Contest in Germany. Videos can compete in up to four categories. You may send up to five videos (three AMVs, one GMV and one Cosplay Video). Here are the basic rules:

    Exclusive AMV-Contest:
    Exklusiver Wettbewerb

    - ONE AMV submission per participant
    - The AMV must not be released online on sites such as or YouTube before September 24, 2017 (date of Connichi 2017)
    - Intro, outro and credit videos are not permitted
    - The video must not contain any hints or credits towards the editor (the judging will be done anonymously by the editors and crowd).

    Open AMV-Contest:
    Freier Wettbewerb

    - TWO AMV submissions per participant
    - The AMVs must not have premiered before August 9th, 2016 (deadline of Connichi 2016)

    (Open) Games-Music-Video-Contest:

    - ONE game music video submission per participant
    - The GMV must not have premiered before August 9th, 2016 (deadline of Connichi 2016)

    (Open) Cosplay-Video-Contest:

    - ONE cosplay video submission per participant
    - Each video needs to be at least 90 seconds long and must not exceed 15 minutes
    - The Cosplay Video must not have premiered before August 9th, 2016 (deadline of Connichi 2016)

    Fun Facts:
    Read the rules. It's only one page. We tried to keep them as short as possible so you don't have to waste time on them.
    Connichi AMV-Contest never had an issue with nudity or violence in AMVs. Your videos will get judged by their quality.
    The contest will be live streamed here:
    There are certificates for all the winners and usually there also is a glass trophy for the winner of the exclusiv AMV-Contest. is the main Sponsor of the Connichi exclusive and open AMV Contest. If you happen to win a voucher but don't attend Connichi we will E-Mail you the voucher code as well as a pdf to your certificate.
    If you're looking for a proxy at Connichi to pick up and ship your physical prizes please check out the Discord channel of the german AMV Community. Most of the editors over there do attend Connichi every year.

    Good luck!
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    Congratulations to all the winners of Connichi 2017 AMV- and GMV-Contest. Here are the results:


    Exclusive AMV-Contest:
    Exklusiver AMV-Wettbewerb

    1. Place: JadeCharm, ceddic - Polyamorie
    (also winner judges-/audience- and editor's choice)
    2. Place: Shirahiko, zest - the d!ck only makes it better
    3. Place: VideoBeats - A Shared Path
    4. Place: Kiriforce, MelanieMurderous - Fate/None
    5. Place: shaddric - Gurren LaDuck
    6. Place: xBitterSweetful - Mahoutsukai no yome – Only you
    7. Place: Eazy - …ship
    8. Place: Noss - A.CB.
    9. Place: leolide - wizardo
    10. Place: Miso - Shady Memories
    11. Place: Apus - Long Way Home
    12. Place: Aiko - VR Adventure With The Sun
    13. Place: Animemation - Never walk alone
    14. Place: JCD - Your Legend
    15. Place: Lapskaus - Track 4
    16. Place: Rickertz - Sunny
    17. Place: Radical_Yue - Going Digital
    18. Place: Kyou - Royal Runners
    19. Place: Isabel - Keima is a Womanizer – NOT!
    20. Place: iuby - a summer on tape

    Open AMV-Contest:
    Freier AMV-Wettbewerb

    1. Place: zest - Karton
    2. Place: AntaresHeart07 - Anime MasterChef
    3. Place: Shirahiko, zest - Fetish Fever
    4. Place: Pic4arts, Eazy, JadeCharm - Valkyrie
    5. Place: MinetChan - DeepEnd
    6. Place: MrNosec - Numinous

    Open GMV-Contest:

    1. Place: drewaconclusion - Super Jiggy Bros
    2. Place: xSnowflakes - Protectors of the Crystal
    3. Place: Rockerangel - The legend of Zelda - Ahnen
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    The Deadline has been extended by a week to August 9. Good luck to all participants!

    Could some mod please edit the first post or give me permission? I'm currently not allowed to.
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  5. Cenit

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    The finalists have been announced. Check the second post for more informations.
  6. Cenit

    Cenit LinkinBall Z

    The winners have been announced. Check the second post for more informations.

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