Connichi 2019 AMV-/GMV-Contest - Deadline August 4th!

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    Deadline: August 4th, 2019

    English submission form and rules
    German submission form and rules

    For questions or help please contact:

    Winners and Finalists of Connichi 2018

    Connichi has the biggest and longest running AMV-Contest in Germany. Participants compete in three contests. You may send up to four entries (three AMVs and one GMV).

    Exclusive AMV-Contest

    - One AMV submission per participant. One participant per AMV submission (i.e. no Collabs or MEPs).
    - The AMV must not be released online on sites such as or YouTube before 08.09.2019 (date of Connichi 2019)
    - Intro, Outro and credit videos are not permitted
    - The video must not contain any hints or credits towards the editor (the judging will be done anonymously by the judges, editors and crowd).

    Open AMV-Contest

    - Two AMV submissions per participant (Collabs and MEPs are fine).
    - The AMVs must not have premiered before 12.08.2018 (deadline of Connichi 2018)

    Open GMV-Contest

    - One GMV submission per participant. One participant per GMV submission (i.e. no Collabs or MEPs).
    - The GMV must not have premiered before 12.08.2018 (deadline of Connichi 2018)

    Good luck!

    Edit: An older version of this post said that the contest will be live streamed like in recent years. However, this will not be the case in 2019. Due to increased fees for live streaming events in Germany, Connichi has decided against live streaming the AMV Contest this year.
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    The finalists for Connichi 2019:

    AMV-Wettbewerb (Exclusive AMV-Contest):
    Anime Youtube
    Boku no Hero Academia – Unsteady
    Context Concerto
    Dawn of the Last Cherry Blossom
    empty crown
    Everlasting Juvenescence
    Fight to Forget
    Ganbare! To The Top!
    Hast du auch so viel Spaß
    In the End
    Love Me Dragon!
    Ordinary Days
    Out of my Reach
    qualis artifex pereo
    Super Casanova
    Therapy Session

    AMV-Expo (Open AMV-Contest):
    It’s ok
    Love Overdrive
    Manic Melody
    Pachyderm Panic

    GMV-Wettbewerb (Open GMV-Contest):
    2019 is here!
    Lunafreya x Noctis – Wait
    Villain #1
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    The official results for Connichi 2019 AMV-Contest, AMV-Expo and GMV-Contest are now available. All the winners have been contacted.

    Official Playlist:

    1. Place: Kisanzi - Context Concerto
    2. Place: WhiteDex - Love Me Dragon!
    3. Place: ehDesignVideos - Toxic

    Editors Choice: Kisanzi - Context Concerto
    Viewers Choice: Kisanzi - Context Concerto

    4. Place: Arcothy B3stEck - Ordinary Days
    5. Place: Verdandi - Anime Youtube
    6. Place: Aerialesque - Everlasting Juvenescence
    7. Place: ceddic - qualis artifex pereo
    8. Place: JadeCharm - Ganbare! To The Top!
    9. Place: Radical_Yue - Super Casanova
    10. Place: doomfish - Bleihuf
    11. Place: Mamo! - Fight to Forget
    12. Place: Salamander - Therapy Session
    13. Place: mulraf - Dawn of the Last Cherry Blossom
    14. Place: xXJuviaLoxarXx - Boku no Hero Academia – Unsteady
    15. Place: Tomoe - In the End
    16. Place: VideoBeats - がんばれ
    17. Place: Mao. - Hast du auch so viel Spaß
    18. Place: Aiko - Out of my Reach
    19. Place: Colin - empty crown
    20. Place: Ganbatte - Identify

    1. Place: JazzsVids - Toxic
    2. Place: VideoBeats - Love Overdrive
    3. Place: drewaconclusion - Pachyderm Panic
    4. Place: BecauseImBored1 - Manic Melody
    5. Place: Bimyou - It's ok

    1. Place: D0SKA - 2019 is here!
    2. Place: drewaconclusion - Ascension
    3. Place: VideoBeats - Hoohah
    4. Place: Cirera - Villain #1
    5. Place: xXJuviaLoxarXx - Lunafreya x Noctis - Wait

    Full Results here:

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