Connichi 2022 AMV-/GMV-Contest - Deadline September 4th!

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    Deadline: September 4th, 2022

    English submission form and rules
    German submission form and rules

    For questions or help please contact:

    Winners and Finalists of Connichi 2019

    Connichi has the biggest and longest running AMV-Contest in Germany. Participants compete in three contests. You may send up to four entries (three AMVs and one GMV).

    Exclusive AMV-Contest

    - One AMV submission per participant.
    - The AMV must not be released online on sites such as or YouTube before October 9th, 2022 (date of Connichi 2022)
    - Intro, Outro and credit videos are not permitted
    - The video must not contain any hints or credits towards the editor (the judging will be done anonymously by the judges, editors and crowd).

    Open AMV-Contest

    - Two AMV submissions per participant.
    - The AMVs must not have premiered before August 5th, 2019 (deadline of Connichi 2019)

    Open GMV-Contest

    - One GMV submission per participant.
    - The GMV must not have premiered before August 5th, 2019 (deadline of Connichi 2019)

    Good luck!
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    The finalists for Connichi 2022:

    AMV-Wettbewerb (Exclusive AMV-Contest):
    Against God
    『作画』 Animation is Awesome
    Crazy Deadly Zombie School
    Dance in the Vampire Bund – See Me Fall
    Dense Lesbians
    Fight against the Twisted Angels
    Held der Kindheit
    Know your Enemy
    Neo Tokyo Shaker
    Our ETERNAL love
    STFU Shinji
    The Rising Of Some Certain Ability Users
    Way of Violet

    AMV-Expo (Open AMV-Contest):
    21st Century Metropolis
    6 AM
    Aoi’s Bassline
    Contemporary Dog
    Different Light
    Hug Me!

    GMV-Wettbewerb (Open GMV-Contest):
    Family REunion
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    The official results for Connichi 2022 AMV-Contest, AMV-Expo and GMV-Contest are now available.

    Official Playlist: ... Ji_wrLSPA7

    1. Place: Apus - Sehnsucht
    2. Place: ceddic - 『作画』Animation is Awesome
    3. Place: pic4arts - Neo Tokyo Shaker
    4. Place: JCD - Higher
    5. Place: VideoBeats - Dense Lesbians
    6. Place: JadeCharm - Marble
    7. Place: Arcothy B3stEck - STFU Shinji
    8. Place: doomfish - Crazy Deadly Zombie School
    9. Place: Salamander - Know your Enemy
    10. Place: Narian - Way of Violet
    11. Place: Noss - Gunbreak
    12. Place: Ganbatte - Rain
    13. Place: Yuki - Held der Kindheit
    14. Place: DaMasta - Fight against the Twisted Angels
    15. Place: Muriel - Mirage
    16. Place: Aiko - The Rising Of Some Certain Ability Users
    17. Place: Jorgensen2070 - Our ETERNAL love
    18. Place: Amkuku - Against God
    19. Place: Narkecho - 36:60
    20. Place: EcchixHunter21 - Dance in the Vampire Bund – See Me Fall

    1. Place: Hikikomori - Contemporary Dog
    2. Place: VideoBeats - Different Light
    2. Place: VideoBeats - 0,25
    4. Place: Arcothy B3stEck - Aoi’s Bassline
    5. Place: ZEST - Hug Me!
    5. Place: Bauzi - 21st Century Metropolis

    1. Place: Kisanzi - Family REunion
    2. Place: VideoBeats - Dystopinya

    Full Results here: ... werb-2022/

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