[Contest] AMV Roulette

Discussion in 'Events' started by Radical_Yue, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member

    Super excited to announce our first Official Contest here on AMV Central...AMV Roulette!
    You guys didn't think just because I left the Org I'd leave my contests behind, did you? ;D

    Check out the official rules here.
  2. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    ho it's "amv roulette rebirth", cool, i think i can't do this but it's cool, glgl.
  3. Dr. Derpface

    Dr. Derpface Make AMV's Great Again Staff Member

    I likely won't be participating, but looking forward to seeing what people make. :)
  4. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    I'm definitely going to be doing this, got nothing much going on at the moment.
  5. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    I'm entering no questions asked
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  6. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member

    Almost time, prepare yourself :D
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  7. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    My Premier Pro is ready.
  8. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

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