Desire [Macross Frontier AMV]

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    This is my new AMV, I made it for Desucon 2019 AMV contest, held in Finland. The contests in Finland have special theme awards this year, awarded by (AMV Finland) and Desucon had Best Eurovision, which inspired this video. Well, rather, editing with this song. The video came afterwards.

    The video tells a story about love and loss, and it's very personal to me. I wanted to portray how life can seem to go your way, until something bad happens, which it usually does. The video contains miscarriage, and even though it is not exactly what happened to me personally, I chose to take this route in the story for my good friend Marianna, who has lost two of her children this way. The ultrasound picture in the video is my own, the very first ultrasound of my son in my early pregnancy back in 2011.

    I have gotten a lot of different feedback from this video, and I realize it's strengths and weaknesses. I would love to hear more opinions on this project though, and the topic of the video. Also, if you know any other videos that are similar to the story I've told here, I would love if you shared them here.

    Fun fact: I actually did win "Best Eurovision" with a collaboration AMV made for the contest with my best friend Kira. This AMV received an honorary mention in the contest.

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