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  1. Artofeel

    Artofeel 感の術

    Anime: Kemonozume
    Music: EL VY - Careless
    Time: 3:37
    Genre: Character Profile, Romance, Sentimental, Story


  2. Enigmo

    Enigmo Member

    Hey, Artofeel, my friend.

    I don't use this website anymore, since my account has been sabotaged in a way that forces the forum to go third-world slow whenever I sign in, so I've gone back to browsing the superior AMV forum known as www.animemusicvideos.org.

    However, I make my return, here, to comment on your video, as you are one of the last, standing, resepctable editors above age 30. That's right, I went there... I have made a comment of age discrimination against the pensioners amongst us. Even VegettoEX is worthy of my distaste, in these present days. But, as I say, you are still respectable, along with EvilSpider and Turbo and Qwaqa and D:GQ.

    So, to begin my critique of this video, I'd just like to say, firstly, that the profiling of this blonde, female character was splendid. I do believe you have never been a blonde female, so I commend you on your bold step to depict such a being's circumstances and emotions. I for example can do no more, nor any less, than create character profile AMVs on alpha male characters such as Kenshiro and Vash the Stampede. ...Going back to your video, though...

    The story, I understood that.

    The sentiment, I felt that.

    The romance, I envied that.

    The character profile, I related with that.

    These four statements cannot be uttered by my mouth, nor typed by my fingers, for most AMVs I see in 2017, let alone an Anime Music Video by an editor of age 30+. So, a job well done to you, Artofeel. I hope to see you editing more, in 2018.

    The sexy times were also good, as they reminded me of one of my hit classics in Russia:

    Areas for you to improve on:
    -Make Conspiracy of Law 1080p Remastered with Death Note Blurays
  3. Artofeel

    Artofeel 感の術

    better to make your own upscale with waifu (like I did here)
    the problem is to get the original DVDs
    also there a lot of others sources..
    I more likely make remaster of remaster of my first work :)

    anyway, thx for comment

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