Doraemon and Haruhi Suzumiya AMV - 'Seven Stars'

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  1. Puswi

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    Here's the basic info:
    • Anime: Doraemon and Haruhi Suzumiya
    • Music Group: Fates Warning
    • Song Title: Seven Stars
    • Length: 5min 33sec

    Hello, right now I will bring you a new Amv which I put work and it looks nice! However, I had some troubles when I wanted to add it some effects using After Effects and then rendering it. I’ve realized some hours ago that some effects took an insane amount of time for the computer, and I should take that into account xD ;)

    Anyway, my latest Amv has five minutes and a half, and the Doraemon content is the remake of the Nobita’s Green Giant film, and About Haruhi Suzumiya, the 90% are episodes of the Endless Eight arc (there’s good stuff on the song’s interlude J ).

    Greetings anime lovers!! xD
  2. your mum

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    I guess for transitions, scales could help you, it takes less rendering time than a built-in / plug in transition ( i think? ) and it looks good for preventing static clips. I liked the clock rotation thing. ( is it an edit or is it on the animation itself?) anyway, the scenes are good, but yeah transitions still.

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