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  1. CrackTheSky

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    This video is quite a shift from the kind of stuff I've been putting out over the last few years. It's slow, long, and lacking a whole lot of sync. I wanted to build a very specific atmosphere with this one...if you want more details, I'd strongly suggest reading my longwinded write-up here:

    Otherwise, enjoy!

    Anime: Metropolis
    Artist: Gidge
    Song: "Lit"
  2. SakonMV

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    I have nothing to say.. you are my font of inspiration as an editor. I like the rhythm and the atmosphere. I appreciate the song's choice, even if I'm not a fan of tecno music. I wish people can appreciate videos like that..
    They only care about visual effects right now
  3. Kroner

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    I like it. Ofc it's too long, a bit boring sometimes, but it has a great atmosphere and really good moments, and I can say that I didn't waste 6 min of my life. This is not a video anyone can enjoy probably, but it suit my taste so gg!
  4. seasons

    seasons Member

    People are already calling Blade Runner 2049 some kind of box office bomb? Clearly, this AMV stole some of its thunder last week.

    I love the atmosphere of this. It may be longer than most AMVs but it never feels quite so long when I'm actually watching it. I definitely noticed the lack of zooms and such, they're really not missed here.
  5. I really liked this one. The song almost seemed perfect and really fit the atmosphere of the city. I also really liked how many of the clips/shots you used focused more on the city and kind of gave it a feel of the city is alive and the while there are all these people in it they are just part of the city kind of vibe. It was a really interesting amv to watch and I quite enjoyed it.
  6. FoxJones

    FoxJones the Foxiest This surely was a trip. Thank you!
    When I first read this thread, I thought "slow, long, unsynced and focus on atmosphere... I'll take this challenge!".. then I went to read your rant on video information and that REALLY got me interested! I love when people try to break out from their usual editing habits, trying something new, or just simply go away from the usual ways AMVs are today.

    I was a bit sceptical about the music choice at first, but it grew on me very quickly, and after that I liked the combination.
    After reading the wall-of-text, I tried to distance myself from the main characters of Metropolis, to enjoy the mood more, and it worked. This is exactly the way you described it would be.
    I can say this is a great video, because that sudden ending really snapped me out of it and made me think "Wha? That was it? Over already?!"
    Also I found it very nice how you kept so many scenes untouched. I really enjoy this kind of "clean" editing.

    Though, I have to say it could use some extra work. As someone who finetunes his videos to death, I think too many scenes suffer from the lack of attention to certain details. Even though you mentioned that the focus isn't on any narratives, some things that happens there (in the city) seem to start from nowhere, some scene selections just seem odd, and you did sync some parts while leaving many good opportunities unused.
    EDIT: What I wanted to say is... you mentioned you had fun making this, but there are parts where I, as a viewer, can't really see this.
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  7. CrackTheSky

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    Thank you! I actually see quite a few videos being released nowadays that are totally (or almost totally) completely FX-less..."raw" editing seems to be a big thing right now, which I think is good. Hopefully it continues, I love to see really well-done no-FX AMVs. Glad you enjoyed this one!

    Thank you! If you think this one's too long, my next will probably be as long or longer :p

    Lol...thank you! I was really trying my hardest not to do any kind of effects, no matter how simple. It took a looooot of restraint.

    Thanks! Definitely wanted to focus heavily on the setting rather than any characters. Glad that came across, thank you for watching!

    Thank you, very much appreciate the detailed feedback. I'm glad you liked this one so much. I deliberately avoided fine-tuning very much, because I didn't want the video to have a "precise" feel, I wanted it to feel very loose and "floaty", maybe? I feel like if I had done too much more fine tuning I would have started to adjust it more to my usual style and I wanted to avoid that. As to your points about certain scenes seeming to start from nowhere...yeah, I agree, but that's kind of what I was going for -- making it feel like there are things going on that you as the viewer are not fully privy to, but just get to experience in passing. That disjointed feel was intentional.

    But I understand not everyone can get behind that! I'm very glad you enjoyed it on the whole, and thank you for taking the time to check it out and leave a reply!
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