ENP IC #3: Blizzard Heat

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    In the dead of night, cold creeps in upon you.
    And all of a sudden, a flame within you emerges, making your heart race and exploding your senses.
    Are you gonna burn out under all the heat? Or will you surpass expectations and conquer the situation?


    Welcome To Blizzard Heat IC

    We are hosting an Iron Chef, later than ever but just in time for you to clear your name of all those losses in 2018 and make 2019 your star year!
    The IC will be conducted on Friday 1st of February 00:00 (GMT+2) until Sunday 3rd February Midnight (GMT +2).
    And it's coming close so make sure you're ready!

    This IC is an anonymous competition and your entries will be judged accordingly, we do ask of you to keep a few rules in mind.


    1- For solo entries the video must be at least 1:30 long, and for Collabs/MEPs at least 1:45 long.
    2- It's a short notice, but please avoid: fan-subs, and TV logos in your works.
    3- No explicit or graphic material.
    4- You may edit a song in any way you like, regardless of what category you found it in. But make sure it's found in our song pool (Which we will release Thursday 31st of January 20:00 GMT+2), and not somewhere else.
    5- The special category NANI allows you to edit Gaming and Live action footage, again with any song from the packs.
    6- The final file shall be named in the following manner: [Category] Nickname/s - Title
    7- Since the entries will be judged anonymously you are not allowed to incorperate that refers back to the creator. (Like intro's, logo's, names etc.)
    8- Naturally to protect the anonymity of the IC you can't share your entry before the results have been released. (Judging period estimated to take less than a week.)​

    Submitting your entry

    If that's all well and done it's time to deliver your entry to us, we recommend doing this through a file hosting site which is also free. A few examples of these are: Mega, Dropbox, Mediafire, Sendspace, etc...
    All that's left to do is to send it to our trusted member: Vincent (on Discord: Vincent#0875) who will gather all the entries.​


    Wondering who will be deciding on your fate? None other than the spectacular Drunkenpony, magnificent Sonicfreak, incredible Rise and outstanding guest OeЯyx. Get ready to amaze them with your brightest flame, and claim your fame!



    We've got all kinds of categories this year:

    Action - where you can take out all the anger of being rejected.
    Dance/Upbeat - cause when all else fails, beautiful openings don't.
    Fun - because humor is what gets you the girl. (or the guy, we don't judge)
    Horror/Psyche - a perfect place to show all your darkest ideas and not end up in jail.
    NANI? - for all those times you wanted to edit a GMV or real life footage but the ICs didn't allow it.
    Romance/Drama - just in time for an early Valentines Day confession to your crush.

    These can be entered in two ways:
    Solo - Feelin' lonely? Join as a solo editor and capitalize on it!
    Collab/MEP - Got some friends? Make them edit with you and join as a COLLAB/MEP and get glory for your whole team.


    The three entries which manage to stand on top of the others in the overall judging will receive:

    1st Place (€50), 2nd Place (€30), 3rd Place (€20) 4th Place (€10)

    Discord Server

    Get in contact with the other challengers over at our Discord server: https://discord.gg/SdeURXV

    Sign Up

    Ready to take up the challenge, then register here: http://enps.darkbb.com/t2661-register-here#25651

    Special thanks to Staiks for the poster and everyone who contributed to the prize pool.
  2. Sonicfreak

    Sonicfreak Secretly a normie

    Heads up, there's exactly one week left before this IC starts.

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