ENP IC #4: Nightfire

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    Welcome to the 4th ENP IC: Nightfire.
    Judges: GoldenThunder, Sonicfreak, MissTitannia, MrNosec

    Enter the competition either solo or in a collaboration (two editors).
    You will have 4 different categories to choose from, each having its own song pack.
    -Action: Bring the heat and incorporate the song in an action packed edit. (7 songs)
    -Cinematic: Create your own cinematic experience. There are no source limitations in this category: movies, games etc are all welcome. (7 songs)
    -Drama/Romance: Use the song to its fullest to bring out an emotionally fueled story/concept. (4 Drama 4 Romance songs)
    -Horror/Psyche: Halloween is already behind us, but make the judges shiver and lose their minds in the setting you establish. (4 Horror 4 Psyche songs)

    Your entry can freely deviate from the category genre. For example, you can make an action video to a drama song. Though, when submitting your video, you will have to choose what category to enter your video in. Non-anime source videos are only accepted in the Cinematic category.

    There's going to be an overall ranking, as well as ranking per category. In the category rankings, how much your video fits the genre will be taken into consideration. However, the category you enter will not affect the overall rankings. You will be entering your videos through a google form which will be announced once the IC begins.

    Prizepool: 200$
    First place: 100$
    Second place: 60$
    Third place: 40$
    (In the overall ranking. Payment is only accepted through Paypal)

    Fill in the Google form below to register yourself for the contest. Once you are registered, you will have access to #nightfire IC chat.

    The songpacks will be released: 17th of December, 8pm GMT.


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