EtoJeCON 2016 Winter

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    EtoJeCON 2016 Winter
    Register in Google:
    Register VKontakte(Russians):

    EtoJeCON 2016 Winter
    The rules of this contest:
    -Work To be made specifically for the competition, and be represented for the first time in the competition. (In any part of the video it is necessary to point out the competition EtoJeCON 2016 WInter) IMPORTANT !!!
    -The Number of works from 1 or 2 (in case of collab) participants = 1.
    -Duration Your video is not less than 1 minute (without titles), duration of work less than 1 minute - will NOT be accepted.
    -Use "Snatches / fragments" of other people's AMB, hentai, which are either not related to Japanese animation, it is prohibited.
    -Mep`s also prohibited collaborations are permitted only as part of a two-person, but in case of victory, the reward will be one for two.
    Restriction on music and anime - no
    -Video Can be put to their channel or video Vkontakte, after receiving the approval of the Law of the organizer, after laying it on any drive (Yandex / Google, etc.), and throwing off his private messages - Eugene Shabaltas.

    End of reception of works: 31.01.2017 year.
    01.02.2017 will be announced the results of this contest.

    The prizes of this competition will be:
    1 Place $ 15
    2 Place $ 5
    –°onsolation prize.
    Little fiscal contest, but the most important participate and the attention!)

    Valid genres within the framework of this competition:
    Action/ Comedy/ Cross-Over/ Dance/ Drama/ Ecchi/ Horror/ Instrumental/ M @ D/ Manga (MMV)/ Psychedelic/ Romance/ Sentimenta/ Story/ Trailer.

    The judges for this competition are:
    David Heli

    Questions? Skype: gnom9891
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    Seems interesting, may give it a try :)
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