[FF/KH] Let Go Control [Collab]

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  1. Valcidious

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    Obligatory random action AMV annnnndddddddddd go.

    Song: Let Go Control
    Artist: Saosin
    Editors: Valcidious (Das me) & Saryos
    Footage Sources: Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts Final Chapter Prologue, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailers, Advent Children, Final Fantasy 13/13-2/Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy 15
  2. It flowed pretty well from action scene to action scene, and it had some good lyric sync in it, like when Sora is standing on the beach in the waves on "and stare across the sea". However most of it just kind of seemed like random action scenes that looked cool and kind of flowed together well. Some of the scenes even just seemed super sped up too which made them stick out and look a bit funny. It certainly wasn't the worst FF amv I've seen, but I don't know that it tops my favorites. Good luck on your next video and hope to see more from you soon
  3. mittoh!

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    I can say for certain that this had some really good pacing. Really well put together in that regard. Only issue i had was with some of the scene choices but honestly it was pretty intense.
  4. Axel

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    Pretty cool xD
  5. Replay

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    Great job ^^

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