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  1. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member


    Once again, I want to thank every single person involved in Roulette this year. The judges for their hard work and of course every single entrant who put their all into each and every video they submit. This was another phenomenal year and while it was a lot of work, it was worth every second. You all are seriously amazing and I'm so happy to see all the fun and creativity that comes out with this contest.

    Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, here is the winner of AMV Roulette 2017...

    1st Place Goes To....
    Speedqueen GK
    With an incredibly close 2nd and 3rd held by Copycat_Revolver and AngelDragoon!

    And here are a couple honorable mentions of some of the judge's favorite videos! It was impossible to pick just 1 each but we wanted to show a little extra love for the videos we enjoyed oh so much.

    "I hope you make this longer and submit it to a fucking contest, gdi" Award goes to...

    "Lesbians? More like Lesbiwins! (I'm hilarious. Also, I can't choose. They're both so good.)" Award(s) goes to...

    "Let's kick things off with a bang" Award goes to...

    "I actually liked this" Award goes to...

    Note: Xophi hasn't been feeling too great this last week so while she provided scores her comments won't be out for another day or so. Please check back later for those.

    And for those of you who haven't had enough, enjoy your rest but prepare yourselves because The Quickening is returning this summer! Keep an eye on AMV Central for more details!
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  2. AngelDragoon

    AngelDragoon Lurker Extraordinaire

    Ayy, congrats, Speedqueen! You were a force to be reckoned with this year and did not disappoint in your videos! (You too, Copycat, but that goes without saying; Heart Failure was one of the best videos I've seen in a long, long time).

    Also, great job all around for everyone that participated! There's quite a few gems that came out of this, and I look forward to seeing everyone's future endeavors!
  3. AniRose

    AniRose New Member

    Everyone's vids were so amazing!!! SHoutout to everyone y'all did great!!!
  4. ailynerie

    ailynerie "El Angie"

    Congratulations to the winners and everyone who made the effort to participate!
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  5. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    Some pretty good videos in this year's roulette.
    Good job to everyone who actually made videos for the better part of the rounds!! and congratulations to the winners!!
  6. SpeedQueen GK

    SpeedQueen GK New Member

    Thanks angel! :DDD A big hug to everyone who actually made 3 videos. we suffered , but we did it ! :DDD good jooob, I enjoyed the videos alot
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  7. Pysh

    Pysh Member

    Congrats @SpeedQueen GK, @Copycat_Revolver and @AngelDragoon. Well Deserved... ;) though am yet to watch videos from round 3, I enjoyed all previous videos from You all :). I'm glad to have been a part of this contest, I had a lot of fun and also I got to see some really amazing videos. Shout Out to everyone who managed to participate in all 3 rounds, put in effort making 3 videos. I hope I could participate in more such community contests and do better :).
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  8. Sebacarp

    Sebacarp New Member

    Congratulations to the winners!!
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  9. Blaksun

    Blaksun New Member

    Congratulations to the winners
    and Thanks to the Host´s and The judges for the work and comments
    I enjoy all the AMV form the year, To the ones who made videos for all 3 rounds Great job
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  10. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats to the winners~
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  11. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Highly intense competition, I enjoyed watching all the amazing videos as much as i did participating!! Well deserved top 3, made some amazing videos.
    And myself, I learnt a lot... thank you judges!
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