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Discussion in 'The Quickening 2017' started by Radical_Yue, Jul 17, 2017.

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    As always, I'd like to thank everyone involved. The editors, the judges, anyone who watched the videos or just supported in general. This wasn't the smoothest of years for me personally and I know this could have been done a lot better but each and every round you guys came through and made phenomenal videos. Every last one of you should feel proud of yourselves.

    It's not easy to adapt and change styles or ways to thinking when you're given music that is out of your comfort zone and I have a high amount or respect for every person that at least tries. Every video that does it's best to do justice for the song, or think outside the box, or just go ham is a special event in it's own right. It's a one week speed contest for us but if you tell anyone outside the AMV community about what you guys do, their minds melt and for good reason. This is second nature to you guys and that is absolutely amazing, never forget that.

    While I know things aren't quite yet finished (yes, I'm still working on that Round 1 stuff >_>; ) the contest is over and it's time to present the winners. This was insanely close and an additional judge was actually needed to come in and assist at the very end to provide scores. You guys are nuts and it was miserable to try and rank these videos, but in the best way possible. we go~!

    1st - Kaeldri
    2nd - Z0rek
    3rd - Camichan19

    I'll be PM'ing you three tonight when I get off work so please keep an eye on your forum inbox.

    Here is the full list of ranks and comments. You guys all rock.
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    My heart goes out to everyone who decided to take the challenge that Quickening is, and gave it their best until the very end. Even if you went out early in the competition, there's a lot to learn from reading the judges comments and from experiencing these videos being done on a weekly basis. Congratulations to the ones that won, and even if you didn't make it as far as you wanted to, take the time and experience to learn from your mistakes, and just have an open mind so you're able to improve.

    I want to thank Yue for continuing to host such a wonderful contest, and for having me as a judge.
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    Congratulations to the winners!!
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