Fujiko Mine's Kill of the Night

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  1. amvSocks

    amvSocks AMV Editor

    This is my first AMV. I submitted it to NDK, but it wasn't chosen as a finalist or overload AMV.

    I hope you enjoy this PG-13 AMV which was made from a very R rated anime.

    Anime - Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
    Artist/Song - Gin Wigmore / Kill of the Night

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  2. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Like the concept, but some the scenes felt random toward the lyrics. I do see the potential of this amv! Keep it up!
  3. amvSocks

    amvSocks AMV Editor

    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

    Is there any chance you could give me the time marks when you felt the scenes didn't match the lyrics?
  4. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    There too many time stamps since it is through out the entire video
  5. violentverses

    violentverses New Member

    I think that you did a fantastic job with the material. I disagree with the previous opinion, as I don't think any scene was misfit to the lyrics. I have seen plenty of AMVs that fit that bill of not matching lyrics. I think that for today's style of AMV it is slower paced which isn't the popular thing, but I will take matching the music over flashy editing any day. Your editing wasn't over the top, which I find quite refreshing, not tampering with source too much is a rarity these days. Basically, I absolutely loved it and look forward to seeing more of your work.
  6. Chibiahiru

    Chibiahiru New Member

    LOL This is WAY better than the first video I ever submitted to NDK! It took me 3 tries to finally get one into the overflow list, competition is FIERCE!

    I definitely see places where you were very conscientious of the lyrics, like from 0:30 0:45 the car chase part "I'm gonna get'cha" and to 2:08 to 2:34 for example "This is a bad town for such a pretty face. I also think you did a good job finding a song that matches the theme and feel of a show. One thing I think you could think about looking forward is just asking "What story am I telling?" If you look at the videos that make it to the big leagues, a lot of them are really good at using the natural flow and climax of a song to tell a story. Kisanzi's "Edible Annihilation", Shiorisquared's "La Vida Madoka" and Moonpie's "We Two" I think are three good examples that prove that you don't have to have flashy editing techniques to go big at Cons, just a good show, song, and story. You've DEFINITELY got the show and the song, now you just need the story and you'll be a pro!
  7. violentverses

    violentverses New Member

    Bless the above opinion with loads of elaboration. You really nailed it on the head. Storytelling is key for me in amvs too and I think that this was just stellar. I don't mind varying opinions, but elaboration is necessary. I couldn't see anything wrong. Pacing seemed on point for me, but perhaps others consider a pacing issue with not following beat. Lyrics all the way for me. <3

    Despite age, this video to me has stood up to time and was one of the first amvs I ever saw and remains a favorite.
    But I am an old gen editor. I have never made it overflow or into any of the contests, but I stick to my style. At the end of the day I think as long as you enjoy your work and keep at it, that's the best thing of all.
  8. amvSocks

    amvSocks AMV Editor

    Thank you Chibiahiru and violentverses for the encouragement, advice, and examples.

    It may be a while until I do it, but I think the next one will be a Violet Evergarden AMV. I will work more on the story for that one, but it will definitely not have a bunch of super fast cuts, those just aren't for me.

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