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  1. Synæsthesia

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    This song by Sigur Ros always gave me a feeling of warmth in the darkness... kind of like amidst all the despair in the world there's love to be found... which I felt matched well with the anime

    Video: "Warning"
    Anime: Girls' Last Tour
    Song: "Varuð" by Sigur Rós
    Category: sentimental
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  2. StandardQuip

    StandardQuip [Impressive Title Here]

    This was a good mood video. Better than I expected given the length.
    However, a little more information in your forum post would've been helpful =]
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  3. Synæsthesia

    Synæsthesia New Member

    thanks for the tip, I've edited the op. I'm glad you liked it :3
  4. Cneq

    Cneq subarashii

    sigur ros and girls last tour is a match made in heaven
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