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    I tend to immerse myself a story once I'm hooked, watching the show and reading the manga, so for fellow readers I try to give those Easter Eggs that hint at what we know is coming (but that non-readers don't know yet) when I can find footage that I think works for it. I'm hoping I correctly linked my playlist in my signature, and lately I've been scheduling them for the first Wednesday of the month.

    I would have started with Tokyo Ghoul tbh, but they're a little (a LOT) copyright strike happy, and I've gotten hit by them once already, so what I currently have is Attack on Titan, until AoT is out of my system. I have some others I'm looking at for after those.

    I make more than AMVs and am working on the research involved for some of those right now, but we're not here for those, right?
    I'm sarcastic, dark humored, and often easily misunderstood.

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