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    Hi, I'm new here, and first I would like to say hello to all of you. Im a 20y AMV creator i post AMVs on my youtube chanell JaMaKu production, I'm a big fan of all anime but I've focused my AMVs curently on my favorite anime at fist, One Piece. And my goal is to represend less know carters thst deserve credit in a sick badass AMVs so thats about it. Hope we all get allong. <3
  2. PirateNinjaKitteh

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    HELLO THERE. Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums!
    Hope you have a lot of fun editing and get to know awesome peeps in here :)
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    Hey! Welcome to the forums :)

    Hope you have a great time here ^^
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    Hey, I'm your age and also new here! Hello hello!! :)
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    Welcome to the forum! ^^

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