Hi, I'm new! I'm SephirothX10

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  1. SephirothX10

    SephirothX10 Cinematographer-Twitch Streamer-AMV maker

    Hey there all!

    I go by SephirothX10 on Youtube. I am an amv editor, and my career/profession in life is a filmmaker, specifically a cinematographer/director of photography.

    I started editing AMV's in '06, mainly Kingdom Hearts amvs/gmvs with some Final Fantasy sprinkled in.
    I haven't uploaded or made any AMVs in 10 years. Due to COVID and not being able to work on film sets right now, I'm wanting to get back in the amv making game! I'm glad there's a community for amvs still!

    I'd love to chat about edits/effects, the games or even anime, and get to know the community I was once apart of yet again, because it was a great bunch of people!

    Editing software: Adobe Premiere CC (in '06 I used Windows Movie Maker, then Sony Vegas)

    If you guys are interested to see what I made in the past, go check out my Youtube Channel. "Kingdom Hearts - Poker Face" was my last big video I put out. Big as in, the amount of time and work I put in to that thing.

    Hoping to come back with a bang and also make new friends!

    Thanks guys!

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