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  1. Nexus

    Nexus The Chicken Lord

    Hi. I like drawing and food with cheese.
    I'm trying to go back to the AMV editing. Pls support me if you wanna help this retarded <3

  2. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    Pls make amv comeback <3
  3. Nexus

    Nexus The Chicken Lord

    I swear I'm thinking about it :')
    I don't have ideas for the moment but I really want to do stuff
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  4. CrackTheSky

    CrackTheSky Administrator Staff Member

  5. Nexus

    Nexus The Chicken Lord

    Make me a birthday MEP, then I'll think about it (?)
    Seriously, I don't have the ideas but I'm like 3000% motivated xD It's like being Saitama, you have like all the power in the world, but can't do anything with it, in my case, not because I'm OP, but because I need ideas :(
  6. FoxJones

    FoxJones the Foxiest

    You can't unretard yourself by making AMVs, but you can take a different approach and use it for your advantage!
    ...believe me, I know ;)
  7. Nexus

    Nexus The Chicken Lord

    That sounds interesting :O thanks!
  8. Joskua

    Joskua Taco Queen Staff Member Queen of Tacos

    Yes, please, make more AMVs, if you need any kind of helps we are here for you
  9. Nexus

    Nexus The Chicken Lord

    Thaaaaanks! yay
  10. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Nexus, if you get any motivation, plz give me some. I need it too XD
  11. seasons

    seasons Member

    FoxJones can you unpack this for me please

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