How do you guys find MEP project to join?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MapleMAD, Mar 8, 2017.

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    I have always been editing alone and recently I watched some MEP works that sparks my interest, it seem fun to have a collaboration work with others. So here is the question, how do people join in? Is there a recruitment page or a group for MEP?

    Well, I am looking for MEP to join and here is my videos on amvnews, feel free to contact me here or on my discord id "Maple" #9044 if anyone is interested.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. mittoh!

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    There are generally 4 types of MEPS, as far as i understand,

    'open MEPs'- which are usually announced by people on their channel or somewhere else publicly and people will register maybe in the comments or in a form. The host of the MEP then picks some people to edit and everyone makes a part! These aren't as amazing as the other types, but are good for meeting new people! Finding these is generally based on following people lots. I've never joined one of these myself, but ive seen them happen.

    Studio MEPs- studios/teams of editors will make meps together quite often, if you can make friends with and join a team or studio they will usually make a mep every few months or less! I'm not in a studio either though XD

    MEPS organised by one person with his friends or by a few friends together- like studio meps but without a constant group of editors. Best way is just to ask some friends you know if they wanna do a MEP! If you ask the right people, they might ask you to join a mep in the future too. People often do that for birthday MEPS, get the friends of a certain person to make a MEP for them!

    And finally, website hosted meps. I think the german community often organises meps for their members, and sometimes there have been big meps hosted by other sites like org and amvnews (i think?), but Ive heard about those from other people so who knows how often those come around.
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    I'm not sure about how to find them on sites, I used to just look on Youtube, but Mittoh! is pretty spot on about the details and types. I just want to add some things based on experience with them though:
    These are very hit and miss. From experience, around half of these will go nowhere as the person usually abandons the project due to personal issues getting in the way or not enough people join the sign ups. Check their channel (if you can) and see how many finished projects they have in comparison to audition/sign up vids, and should give a good impression of which way it will go

    Again, hit and miss, but much better to joining a random one made by one person. I'd reccomend looking into studio sign ups on forums (usually done by studios like Souls Team or Crows) or at a push youtube, but check the channel, see what kind of AMVs they prefer to make (action, drama etc) and how often they make them. The best studios have Discord/Skype channels and keep in regular touch and become like a group of close friends. The worst studios have very little communication outside of posting sign up videos. Leaders are important too, you want someone (or several in the case of larger studios) who is willing to listen to issues, help with AMVs/editing and be all around a good supportive person. Not some mini dictator who will punish you for not joining enough MEPs or keeping to their 'standards'

    Usually not very often, and getting a place is usually first come, first served. Ones I know of are the Disney song based one on the Org, and various song tribute based MEPs too, but I have not personally joined them

    Hope this helps a bit, I have a long history of MEPs (good and bad) but they are fun and its great to see the finished project at the end
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  5. FoxJones

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    I'm considering running an open band themed MEP again some day. I lead a couple of MEPs back in around 2007-2008 and reminisce them fondly. I only worry about not getting enough people to join it, but I'll likely try nevertheless. Maybe late spring or early summer. I'll make some noise about it when it starts to seem relevant. Just keep your eyes open.
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    Are you ever really meeting anyone in this situation?
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    Why wouldn't you?

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