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    IDO MEP is an Imagine Dragons Multi-Editor Project using Imagine Dragons Megamix #2 by InanimateMashups on YouTube. The end credits use their I'm So Candy Mashup. Check out their Spotify for their original music!

    The project began in the AMV Central discord server as a short, easy MEP (the mix was only 3:35 long) for old editors to use to come back from hiatus, as the coordinator, StandardQuip, had wanted to get back into editing. The mix was split into 15 second segments with the theme "Resurgence". As with any MEP, the project evolved over time, and the final result is 13 segments put together by 6 editors. We hope you enjoy our project!

    Track Breakdown
    0:00 - 0:27 = Intro. Various anime. Edited by StandardQuip.

    0:27 - 0:42 = K anime. Edited by Espressoyourself.
    0:42 - 0:56 = Noragami. Edited by Espressoyourself.

    0:54 - 1:11 = Guilty Crown. Edited by Animemashup.

    1:10 - 1:25 = End of Evangelion. Edited by StandardQuip.

    1:24 - 1:39 = Blue Exorcist. Edited by Espressoyourself.

    1:38 - 1:53 = Casshern Sins. Edited by GloryQuestor.

    1:51 - 2:20 = Arcadia of My Youth (Captain Harlock movie #2). Edited by Requiett.

    2:19 - 2:36 = Steins;gate. Edited by StandardQuip.

    2:34 - 2:49 = HunterxHunter. Edited by Espressoyourself.

    2:48 - 3:03 = Castlevania. Edited by Tirazel.
    3:02 - 3:17 = Macross Plus. Edited by Tirazel.

    3:17 - 3:35 = DBZ: History of Trunks. Edited by StandardQuip.
    Credits, logo, etc. edited by StandardQuip.

    Special thanks to ZephyrStar and all the editors who participated and showed interest in this project!

    Download Link explanation
    Direct link is the highest quality distribution file at 169MB. (~5400kb/s)
    Indirect link goes to the youtube version, which is made from the file in the direct link (alternatively it's embedded near the beginning of this post).
    Local link (on the .org) is a slightly lower quality version to fit under the 100MB. It's ~3000kb/s and comes out to ~96MB.
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    All of you, great job!

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