In Her Memory (Umika Sayoji)

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    I don't know why I made this even though I didn't know much about her but since I heard the track dedicated to her by Gigatless I felt like doing this and so I did. I heard the news last year when she past away and it's so so sad thinking how she died and also at such a Young age. To be honest I've not seen much of her videos before but I know that her work has influenced many. On seeing some of her stuff now... no doubt she's such a Good artist 'cause not just she made amvs but also artwork and a lot of people did like her work.

    I won't say much... this is just a compilation video I made using clips from her amvs and so don't consider this an amv or something rather just a compilation video of her work. Gigatless really did make a touching music dedicated to her. So anyway... just have a look so as to get a glimpse of her work and also listen to this touching tribute by Gigatless.

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